How to Finish Your Garage Flooring for Long-Term Durability

Adding a granite or quartz epoxy coating finish as your garage flooring may be your preferential choice, but how does it compare to concrete floor paint, tiles, stain or concrete sealers?

Begin by Avoiding Vinyl Tiles

You could choose the cheapest possible finish for your garage flooring by leaving it as plain concrete, but you know that it will quickly stain, may crack, and vehicle wear and tear will gradually make it become unsightly.

Vinyl tiles are an option, but these will mark and quickly become difficult to keep clean, the corners will eventually rise, and you will be left with a broken, patterned mess.

Roll out mats are thick and rubbery and will sit directly onto your concrete base, but hot tiles and a variety of chemicals or instantly make them unappealing.

Concrete sealers are like a floor paint but should be tougher. Easy to apply with a brush or roller, they do resist some chemicals, but the more expensive variety is required to complete the work efficiently.

A concrete stain may provide a good-looking finish, but it won’t protect the concrete. You will have to add a sealer to help protect against moisture breaking into the concrete and causing damage.

Epoxy floor finishes provide some of the most durable and effective garage flooring surfaces but are best applied by a professional company to ensure the installation is completed efficiently and effectively. Unlike most other finishes, the epoxy surface will require very little maintenance over the years. During the same period, you will have repeated most of the other finishes because they are not designed to last as long.

Some individuals will be swayed by advertisements for you to apply concrete floor paint, which is a hardier version of the paint you would apply to your walls and is a relatively inexpensive coating. It is easy to apply, and you may need a primer coating before you can add the finished surface. It will be affected by salt from your vehicle and other chemicals, and you may need to repaint every couple of years. The epoxy finish with a granite or quartz resin is quickly looking to be the most attractive and durable finish.

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