How To Find The Best Fruit Cake For Your Next Special Occasion

Fruitcakes have been around for centuries. They were staples of banquet tables during holidays and festivals of the Middle Ages. During the Victorian Era, fruitcakes were a beloved Christmas treat. Have you ever tried one of the commonly found and usually unappetizing fruitcakes prevalent today and been disappointed? If you want to carry on this centuries-old and cherished tradition in your own home, either at Christmastime or just any special occasion, then you need to know where to get the best fruit cake.

What Happened To The Fruitcake?

As mentioned above, the Victorians loved fruitcake. During the latter half of the 19th century, the English world was expanding greatly. The British Empire stretched around the globe, and new inventions were being made to hasten communication. Besides relaying mail and important messages to other countries, this meant that food items – such as fruitcakes – could also be shipped hundreds of miles away. This was the point at which fruit cakes started to degenerate. You see, a really good fruitcake requires certain techniques and a lot of patience. It is not uncommon to begin making a fruitcake a year in advance, to produce a cake with the fullest flavors. When they began to be mass-produced and shipped overseas, this was no longer done. Hence the inferior quality of today’s fruitcakes.

Where To Find The Best Fruit Cake

If you want to find a good fruitcake, you can look online. There are companies dedicated to bringing back the neglected art of making a delicious, traditional fruitcake. They use excellent ingredients in just the right ratios, mixing fruit, nuts and sometimes chocolate into the cake. The fruitcake is then tempered and flavored methodically by using a combination of different types of alcohol, such as brandy, bourbon, and rum. The result is a full-bodied, flavorful cake with the perfect texture that is sure to satisfy.

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