How To Find Good Asphalt Paving in Middletown, CT

If a driveway or parking lot needs to be paved because it is in poor condition, asphalt is going to be the best option to use. Asphalt can withstand the test of time, the elements, and heavy traffic for many years before wear and tear sets in. An advantage of Asphalt Paving in Middletown CT is that it is very easy to maintain, affordable to repair, and durable enough that it won’t result in costly repairs over time.

Asphalt is a Better Option In The Winter Months

Connecticut can get hit with typical New England winter weather. When it comes to snow and ice, asphalt can act as a natural melting agent because it absorbs and emits heat. Asphalt is less prone to being disturbed by frost heaves than concrete. It is also an easier material to plow snow off.

Deal With a Paver Who Recycles

When customers need Asphalt Paving in Middletown CT, they should find a contractor who will recycle the old material. Rather than having the material dumped into a landfill, it can be recycled and reused. Contractors can crush the old asphalt and use it as a base material in another new driveway. This type of material is known as Recycled Aggregate Product, or RAP, and not only makes a superior base product but is environmentally friendly.

Work With a Contractor Who Owns Their Equipment

Customers should ask a contractor if they will be on site for the duration of the job. They should also inquire about the types of machines the contractor owns. These should include trucks, graders, and self-propelled paving machines. They should also own static and vibratory rollers.

Find a Contractor Who is Full Service

Clients should deal with a paving contractor that can also offer services such as sealcoating or crack filling. They should find a company that can provide an experienced estimator who will carefully inspect the entire driveway in search of any potential trouble spots such as potholes, cracks, or oil spots. To see an example of one such company, visit the website to learn about a family owned company with over 50 years of experience.