How to Find a Suitable Elevator Repair in Washington DC

Contracting an elevator repair firm can be a frightening experience since little is known about elevator repairers. In such a case, clients should look for value for money. Not only should the contract be within a reasonable budget but also deliver. It is therefore important to ask the right questions when performing the negotiations. This is pretty much like purchasing an asset, and one should look for the best option that offers maximum returns. There are two steps when looking for an Elevator Repair in Washington DC namely ‘qualify’ and ‘negotiate.’


This first step requires a client to check if the elevator repair company can provide safe technical capabilities for the building. Since the elevator would be carrying the public, it’s important that these services are safe. Therefore, it is important for a company to be insured and licensed for such services. Below are some questions about qualifications a client needs to ask and receive responses carefully.

“Is your company insured and licensed? Provide proof.” This should be easy for a legitimate company that is capable.

“Are your technicians licensed and can they respond to emergency situations?” Individual mechanics should be licensed. The company should have an adequate number of technical teams to help replace the large broken components.

“Can you give at least five reference properties where you did repairs with a scope and size similar to this?” It is crucial to receive referrals and follow up on them.

“For an elevator shutdown, what’s your average response time?” Some businesses rely entirely on elevator services, and the speed of repair is of full significance.

Negotiating for the Contract

Once a client has qualified a contractor, it is time for negotiations. Apart from pricing, there are other aspects of a contract to discuss and negotiate.

Coverage: There are different types of coverage such as full maintenance and limited maintenance.

The length of term: A long term is always beneficial to a client. The upfront maintenance cost is much lower for a long term contract.

Billable rates: these are often not within the contract. A client needs to check and understand these costs.

Discount: For a firm with a large volume of elevators, the elevator repair company can offer discounts.

A client should be careful in this process. For Elevator Repair in Washington DC, consider Elevator Technologies Inc.