How to Find a Reliable Commercial General Contractor in Jacksonville

Commercial building projects aren’t the same as residential construction projects. These builds take more time and often deal with complex issues. That’s why it’s important to find a reliable, experienced, and industry-leading commercial general contractor in Jacksonville.

Ask for Referrals

Business owners who have never worked with a general contractor on a new build or remodeling project often don’t know where to begin their search. Enlisting the recommendations of other business owners who’ve worked with commercial contractors is a great place to start. Personal recommendations are how many general contractors get noticed.

Ask for Examples of Past Projects

Not all commercial buildings are the same. Constructing a 10-story skyscraper isn’t the same as renovating a two-story brick building. Business owners who learn as much as they can about a contractor’s past projects will have a better understanding of the contractor’s experience and their ability to take on the job.

Ask About Project Fees

General contractors hire sub-contractors for various projects that are part of a new build or renovation project. To cover some of the upfront costs, contractors usually require about 20% of the project’s projected costs upfront. If the contractor asks for full payment or a fee that seems too high, shop around to find out if their fee is fair.

Get Several Proposals

Business owners should always ask 3-5 general contractors to bid on a job. Having this information makes it easier to find a contractor who fits one’s budget. For more information about hiring a commercial general contractor in Jacksonville, contact Live Oak Contracting at

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