How to Find a Pool Service in Pearland

There are different kinds of swimming pool service providers, from mom-and-pop businesses like Cryer Pools to multimillion-dollar corporations. With all the choices out there, it can be hard to determine which option is best. Read on for five of the best-kept secrets in the pool service industry.

Skipped Cleanings

The more accounts a technician has to service, the higher the chance of your pool getting skipped. Pool techs (not the honest ones) will occasionally skip a cleaning to make up a time deficit, and when a Pool Service in Pearland is in the growth phase they may not have enough employees to service all accounts.

That doesn’t mean you should assume that your pool has been skipped, however. If you think that your service may have been forgotten, ask for a drop ticket the next time. Any reliable pool service should be able to leave a ticket stating the time of the service, the chemicals used and the pool’s condition.

Large vs. Local Companies

One big disadvantage to large pool service companies is their high employee turnover rates. Furthermore, many companies hire inexperienced workers and don’t give much training. A good pool tech is a chemist, plumber, engineer and more. Choose a pool service that’s willing to work to keep your account for a long time, so you can build a good relationship.

Charging Excessively For Chemicals

Some people complain that their pool services charge high flat rates and then pad the bill with charges for chemicals. Most reputable companies charge a flat rate regardless of the amount of chemical usage.

Using Salvage Or Used Parts For Repairs

Repairs are a primary source of income for pool companies, and just like a mechanic, the company gets parts for a discounted price. Beware of shady companies that choose used parts, which can fail at any time.

Hiring the right Pool Service in Pearland can be difficult because states have different licensing requirements. Some states don’t require licenses at all while others require a contractor’s license for even minor repairs. If you have any doubts, talk to your technician and ensure that he or she is licensed to perform the repairs and services you need.

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