How to Find a Criminal Attorney in Rockwall, TX, In or Out of Jail

Many who face criminal charges aren’t in custody when they decide to hire a criminal attorney in Rockwall, TX. In most cases, the defendant has issued a citation, and a court date is set, or they bail themselves out of jail without a lawyer’s help. Below, readers can learn more about hiring a lawyer with the Law Offices of Tim Hartley, whether or not they’re in police custody.

Finding an Attorney While in Jail

It’s often very hard to find a good lawyer while one is in jail. The atmosphere inside a jail is typically oppressive, defendants don’t have the luxury of comparison shopping, and other criminals aren’t very good judges of legal competence. Monetary constraints may come into play as most defense attorneys want a substantial upfront payment. Because an incarcerated defendant usually has no money, they have to get it from friends and relatives. If one has previously been represented by a defense attorney, that is usually the one who gets the call. However, those who’ve never hired a lawyer have to use other sources such as civil practitioners or bail bondsmen.

Finding Legal Representation While Not in Jail

Like a defendant in jail, a person not in custody can ask relatives, friends, civil attorneys and bail bondsmen for referrals. However, a non-incarcerated person has additional choices. Sources of referrals include:

* The local bar association’s referral panel – Attorneys are typically recommended according to the seriousness of charges and their experience.

* Online directories – These free, easy-to-use directories are usually organized by area of practice and by geographical location. Clients can visit this website for more information.

* Martindale-Hubbell – These publication lists lawyers according to the area, practice, and competency. Defendants may find attorneys here, or they can check references they’ve already been given. Martindale-Hubbell books may be found in public and law libraries, or online.

* Visits to the courthouse – A defendant may visit the local courthouse and sit in on a few hearings. If a particular attorney’s style impresses the defendant, they can ask for the lawyer’s card at the close of the hearing. From there, an appointment can be scheduled.

Finding a criminal attorney in Rockwall, TX, can be difficult, especially if the defendant is in jail. However, it’s possible to find competent legal representation, even if one is incarcerated. By considering the sources above, a person can find legal representation regardless of their situation.

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