How to Find a Boiler Repair in Colorado Springs Service

Most homeowners and business owners take their boilers for granted -; until something goes horribly wrong. The best time to find a boiler repair service is before you desperately need one. Follow these tips on how to find a good Boiler Repair Colorado Springs service and you’ll be prepared.

Ask for Recommendations

There are many people you can ask to recommend a water heater repair company. If you already have an HVAC company that isn’t comfortable working with your boiler, ask them to recommend another company. Ask your neighbors, family members and business owners in the Colorado Springs area. You can also ask the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. They cannot recommend one company over another, but at least they can get you a list of companies to check out more closely.

Check Out the BBB and Angie’s List

If you are a member of Angie’s List, simply search for recommendations and reviews of boiler repair companies in Colorado Springs. If you are not a member of Angie’s List, check out the Better Business Bureau’s website. It has a search feature to list accredited and non-accredited businesses. Seeking BBB accreditation is strictly voluntary, but those that to show a deep level of professionalism.

Check Other Services Offered

Many boiler repair companies do more than just fix or replace water heaters. They may also provide plumbing, heating and cooling services. If you do not have a company taking care of these things or are not satisfied with your current service, consider a water heater repair company that offers these services. If you own a business, make sure the company is familiar with commercial boilers. It’s best to choose a company offering emergency hours, especially for businesses.

Ask About Your Boiler’s Brand

If possible, find out what brand your boiler is. Ask a potential company if they are familiar with the brand. Never assume that all boiler repair companies are familiar with all brands of water heaters. You may be able to ask this question online using a contact form on the company’s website. This will save you a lot of time.