How To Evaluate Industrial Automation Companies In Indiana

If you own or operate an Indiana business, it makes practical sense to work with a company that is located in the state when moving your facility to industrial automation systems.

For those business owners yet to start their search for the right industrial automation companies, or those that may have started but not found the right provider, there are several different steps in the evaluation process.

As this is an important step in the performance and production of your business, taking it slow and getting the best match for a company to do the work is essential. Not taking your time can result in project delays, increased costs or a system that doesn’t offer the industrial automation features and functionality needed now and into the future.

Years in the Business

While it may sound obvious, asking about the experience of the company as well as the team that will be working on your project is important. The longer a company has been doing this work, the more scenarios and challenges they have been presented with and successfully solved.

Additionally, when talking to industrial automation companies, ask for referrals and follow up. Look specifically at the companies’ ability to complete the job on time, on budget and to the requirements of the customer.

Listening and Communication

It is important for the industrial automation companies to understand your Indiana business and the specific needs you have for industrial automation and controls. This is particularly important if you have a semi-automated system or if you have specific components for the system already in place.

A company that listens to what you need and is able to work with your design team, engineers and contractors is going to be the best option. Some of these companies are able to manage the entire project, test all software, complete system startup, commissioning and launch and even provide training and field service as part of their core services.

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