How to Decide What Size Storage Unit You Require

When you are in need of the Storage Fort Myers FL residents rely on for their belongings it may be difficult to decide what size unit you should be renting. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck when you rent your storage unit.

List and Pack Your Stuff

The first step is to decide what you need to store. Make a thorough list of everything right down to the smallest boxes and lamps. Second, you want to pack up all of your belongings in sturdy, like sized boxes and clearly label what is in each box using your list. When you move you will be unpacking everything so a detailed list is not necessary. When you are storing belongings you will want to know exactly what is in each box.

Organize Your Boxes

A good rule of thumb for understanding how your boxes should be organized is to first figure out what boxes you will need to access the most often. Mark these in red. Then look at the weight and fragility of each box and order them from heaviest at the bottom to lightest and most fragile at the top. Finally look at the awkward items you have that will not stack and try to figure the best way they will fit in with the boxes.

Make a Plan

Now that you have everything you need come up with a plan that will allow you to stack and store in as organized a fashion as possible. You should be stacking uniform boxes not more than 4 high for easy access as well as safety. If possible, lay everything out, stack as per your plan and then see where you come out. This will give you a reliable blueprint of your belongings to assist in deciding on the size storage space you need.

Visit the Space

Once you have a good idea of your storage blue print, visit the Storage Fort Myers, FL uses most often and check out the storage units available. You can see which room will best suit your needs and feel confident in making arrangements for your storage unit rental.

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