How to Deal with Dodgy Dealers

In a better world, all dealers would be honest and reliable. You could walk into any dealership without fear of getting scammed. That isn’t the case, though, so knowing how to avoid devious car dealers is a must before negotiating with a Mercedes dealer in Pune:

Look out for liars

Some car salesmen might lie about small things to influence your decision. If you aren’t good at figuring out those lies out, what you can do is to take your time. Be patient. Dealers usually lie to get you to buy right on the spot. If you won’t budge, though, you’ll eventually find the options that are right for you.

Be wary of bundles

Shopping for bundles can be a stress and worry-free experience. But that could mean paying more over the long term. Best to keep every aspect of the shopping process separate. Trade in your car then explore financing options so you can avoid the extra costs dealers pack into those bundles. B.U.Bhandari Motors offers several ones that might hit the mark for you.

Set an appointment

In some cases, the dealer might try to upsell you and get you to buy a make and model that costs more than the one you originally planned on. Before you walk away, consider the offer and see if it’s really a good deal or not. But if that’s not what you want, find and call a reliable Mercedes dealer in Pune ahead of time to make sure the item is still in stock.

Check for contract mistakes

Mistakes and loopholes in the paperwork could put you at a severe disadvantage. Be sure to review the contract, chapter and verse, so you won’t end up tripping over those loopholes. Double check any of the figures and percentage amounts to make sure those are the numbers you agreed to.

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