How to Deal With A Broken Tooth In Wichita, Kansas

Teeth are likely to break or fracture. Some causes of broken teeth include cavities that damage the teeth or trauma from being hit in the mouth. A broken tooth may result in damage to the nerves inside the tooth and result in additional discomfort. Putting pressure on a broken tooth through chewing also increases the pain.

What to do with a broken tooth

If you have a broken tooth then you should contact a dentist in wichita immediately for a broken tooth treatment in Wichita. Before visiting the dentist, you can apply some home remedies to relieve the pain. For instance, rinse your mouth with warm water or apply a cold pack on your cheek over the broken tooth. If the broken tooth is bleeding, you should apply pressure using a gauze or use a tea bag over the tooth.

How will a dentist fix a broken tooth?

The best fix for a broken tooth is a root canal treatment. However, there are various treatments depending on the type of breakage and the damage caused to the tooth. For minor cracks that affect only the enamel, there is no treatment needed. However, the dentist can polish the surface to remove any roughness.

For cracks that affect the whole tooth, from the enamel to the nerve, the dentist may repair it by using a filling. Also, the tooth should be crowned to prevent the crack from getting worse. If the pulp inside the tooth is damaged, root canal treatment is a better option.

Broken cusps are not painful since the damage has not spread to the pulp. However, to get the chewing surface back into shape, the doctor should repair the damage using an on lay crown. Serious breaks that involve damage to the nerve or pulp may cause some sensitivity or bleeding. A root canal treatment is the best option for such breaks with additional crowning procedures to restore the tooth to its original function.

In cases where the tooth has split in two, the dentist will provide root canal treatment and cover the tooth with a crown. However, if the root of the tooth cannot be covered completely, the whole tooth is removed. Cavities often lead to decayed teeth that break when pressure is applied. To fix a broken tooth in Wichita Kansas, visit Dental Corner

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