How to Create a Container Planting

Container gardening is ideal for the ones in urban regions and for anyone who wants to easily garden. By planting your container garden with stevia and mint, you’ll have the ability to appreciate tea anytime. Sweetener and mint leaves include the only things required to make this garden mint tea; therefore, this couldn’t be simpler. Growing stevia allows you to avoid adding sugar to tea and will naturally sweeten it. Merely steep the stevia leaves with the mint leaves and tea is prepared to enjoy!

Select a container which is big enough to accommodate the size of the stevia and mint you’re planting. Roots require an abundance of room to grow; therefore, the plant possesses a solid base.

Fill up the container’s bottom with a couple of inches of stones in order for the soil to have the ability to drain away excessive water. It’ll prevent the liquid from overpowering its roots.

Fill up the container the remainder of the way using potting soil. It’s is lighter than top soil, as well as is formulated in order to drain well inside containers.

Sprinkle the fertilizer on the top 2” of potting soil and slightly work in using your hands. Potting soil requires a fertilizer as it doesn’t possess the nutrients of earth-bound soil.

Select mint varieties you enjoy. It’s great to have at least 2 kinds of tea for various selections or you may blend the leaves together while preparing your tea. Add one stevia plant that may be steeped with your tea and utilized in place of the sugar.

Plant the stevia and mint by lightly breaking apart the plant’s roots and pushing the soil that surrounds them for stability.

Put the container within a sunny area, water as necessary and watch your plants grow! Soon you’ll be appreciating fresh mint tea!

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