How to Choose the Right X-Ray Tube Manufacturer in California

If you have decided that you need new x-ray equipment, picking the right x-ray tube manufacturers is essential. While there are many sources of x-ray tube manufacturers in the market, you will want to narrow your search down to the type of company that suits your particular x-ray needs. If you need to decide how to choose the right x-ray tube manufacturer, consider these tips.

Does the Company Produce the Right Type of Tubes?

Not all x-ray tube manufacturers produce tubes that can work with your machines. Do you have a portable x-ray system? A portable x-ray unit can be very helpful and convenient for certain procedures, such as emergency room medicine. If you use portable x-ray equipment, the tubes designed for larger machines will not work.

Do You Need Customization?

When you work with tube manufacturers, some will only provide pre-set designs and parameters. Other manufacturers will be willing to optimize your tubes to your specific customizations.

What Are the Lead Times for Delivery?

Some companies have a widely available inventory that can be delivered immediately and received within a few days. Other companies may make the x-ray tubes to order, which means you could be expected to wait several weeks for your delivery. You also need to take into consideration how the country of origin could affect the lead time.

Can the Tubes Withstand the Temperatures?

Some x-ray tubes will be in temperature-controlled buildings. Other machines will have humidity and heat concerns. Whatever environment your machinery is going to be in, make sure that your tubes are able to withstand the temperature.

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