How to Choose the Right Shipping Box for Every Item You Need to Ship

Although it might be tempting to use the first shipping box you see lying around, the right box can make the difference between items that arrive safely and items that get destroyed or lost in transit. Whether you’re selling items online or sending a gift to a friend, here are three tips to help you choose the right box.

Choose a Tight Fit

Shipping boxes should be a tight fit for the items inside, leaving only enough space for adequate padding. A small, square box is great for fragile items like cosmetics, while long shipping boxes are perfect for baseball bats.

Make Sure the Box is Sturdy Enough

If you’re shipping weighty items, choose a sturdy box with thick cardboard walls that won’t buckle or break, and secure it with plenty of tape. Consider shipping exceptionally heavy items in a wooden box or crate.

Keep It Clean and Professional

It’s great to reuse boxes, but avoid shipping in boxes that are very dirty or damaged. Whether you’re using short or long shipping boxes, a clean box looks more professional. You should also avoid shipping in boxes with controversial or unsavory logos printed on them.

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