How to choose the right hospital mattress

If you are looking to purchase a hospital mattress for a hospital bed in your own home, it is important to check that is appropriate for its intended use. Someone who is ill or injured needs to have the right kind of support or even a mattress that can help with treating bedsores or providing better circulation. It is best to look over the mattress’ features to ensure it is suited to the requirements of the patient.

Different types

A specially designed hospital mattress will provide comfort to patients, as well as help to prevent wounds and the risk of bed sores. Often people are given gel mattresses to use from hospitals and while they tend to keep you cool, many people need to upgrade to a more comfortable foam hospital mattress or medical air mattress.

The type of mattress you choose will vary depending on the patient. If they are recovering and just need something comfortable, an inner spring hospital mattress works well. If they are in for an extended stay, foam mattresses reduce the risk of pressure sores. If someone is suffering from pressure ulcers or you want to prevent wounds an air mattress is the ideal solution.

In some cases, a patient might need more width or there may be weight issues. In this instance, bariatric foam or air mattresses are the most appropriate option.

Choosing the best

Customer feedback reviews are available online. Before purchasing a hospital mattress, it is also worth talking to your doctor or primary caregiver to get advice on the ideal option for your medical requirements.

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