How To Choose the best Custom Banner Material

Display banners don’t have to consist of only a logo. Custom banners are utilized all around New York City in front of shops, sidewalk vendors, and at various events and exhibitions. Some of these banners are simple with only the logo of the company printed on them. Other banners have a call to action or an announcement printed on them. Although banners are economical compared to other display props, choosing the right material as per the use of the banner and how many times the banner will be used will bring more valuation to the customer banner in the long run.

PVC Flex Economic Banner

PVC flex economic banners are the most popular replacement banners, meant for short term use. These custom banners are generally used on retractable stands, roll up stands, X stands, and L stands.

Standard Polyester Banner

Standard polyester banners are extremely durable and are ideal for reusage. These banners are generally meant to be used at exhibitions and in locations where the display is more permanent.

Display Polyester Banner

Display polyester banners are versatile. The banners themselves can be used for displays inside as well as durable enough to endure different weather types to be hung outside.

Mesh Banners

Banners around New York City that are being placed on the side of a building or on a fence are generally mesh banners. Mesh banners are oversized banners that can be seen from far distances and are extremely durable. These custom banners though, can only be printed on one side.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners, similar to display polyester and mesh banners, are durable enough to be utilized outdoors. Vinyl banners though, can be printed on both sides and are more economical than the other types.

Understanding how long the banner will be used for, how often, and where it will be located will be the base for determining which type of banner and what type of material is best fitted.

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