How to Choose the Best Bladder Leakage Products

Some people have a constant problem with incontinence, while others might have a more minor problem that is only brought on by laughter, sneezing, or coughing. Everyone is different, which also means that choosing the right product is a personal choice.

That said, it can be overwhelming to choose a product from the many available without worry that you may make the wrong decision. Because of that, we’ll break things down into specifics, so you can determine what sounds like the most useful and comfortable product for you.

The first thing to understand is that pads, liners, disposable underwear, and reusable underwear all work by absorbing moisture. They take the moisture and wick it away from your body to leave you feeling fresh and clean. However, all bladder leakage products are different and absorb a different amount before they need to be changed.

Liners and pads are an excellent option for some people. They come in many sizes and shapes, so anyone can find one that works. The difference between the two products is that liners are longer and generally provide better back to front protection. Pads, on the other hand, are typically curved. They also often have elastic that keeps leaks from reaching your clothing.

Another option that many appreciate is disposable underwear that offers built-in protection. This protection is not just in the crotch area as with pads or liners but throughout the entire garment. These come in various styles from pull on underwear to options that use Velcro or adhesive to offer a more customized fit.

The disposable option can be the best, but it can also cost a lot more. That is why many people choose to use washable underwear, pads, or liners, especially while at home. This is less expensive and can feel more like wearing traditional underwear.

Regardless of what you choose, you will want to have a schedule for when you change your bladder leakage product. It is not required to do this at the first sign of leakage, but if you have wet skin, it is likely time to do so.

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