How to Choose Professional Criminal Lawyers in Delaware County

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer is one of those all-important, life-changing decisions. Regardless of the reasons behind the necessity of retaining a criminal lawyer, the right to legal counsel is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. However, finding the best attorney to handle a particular case requires some work.

  • Of course, the attorney should have experience in that particular area of the law. For example, for a DUI charge, look for a lawyer who focuses on traffic offenses. If an attorney has 25 years of experience, find out how much of that 25 years was spent in the area of interest. What success has the lawyer had with similar cases?
  • If a lawyer guarantees a result, cross him/her off the list. The lawyer is being dishonest, because the judge and jury will determine the verdict. It will be necessary to trust the attorney and know that what he/she tells you is the truth.
  • Is the lawyer able to explain the process and legal facts of the case in a clear, understandable way? Does the lawyer listen when you speak? Communication is critical. What is their policy on keeping their clients up-to-date and on returning phone calls?
  • Does the law firm have the resources to conduct an investigation of the facts of the case? The police investigation may include errors or be incomplete.
  • Legal fees become less important as the legal penalties become more severe. For a minor offense, it’s reasonable to choose the attorney with the lowest fees if qualified to handle the case. For serious offenses where the penalty would require many years in prison, the attorney’s qualifications should be the deciding factor.

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