How to Choose Curtain Hardware in Manhattan NY

Choosing curtain hardware that properly performs its intended function is easy. But it can be a little bit more of a challenge to choose the right stylish accessories to match the décor of your room. With all of the available products on the market, you can add unique accents to your drapery and improve the aesthetics of any room without breaking your budget.

Asking yourself a few questions before you make your purchase can ensure that you’ll be spending your money wisely. Decide before buying whether you prefer to use curtain hardware in Manhattan, NY that is hidden from view and serves only a functional purpose, or if you would rather use these necessary accessories to accent your windows and drapes. Choosing hardware that will be readily visible makes the rest of your decisions a little bit more important. The first choice you’ll have to make concerns curtain rods. This will be dictated partially by the size and location of your windows and the room you’re decorating, and will help determine what decorative hardware you will need. The type of brackets, tiebacks, and caps you end up choosing will have to be compatible with the rod.

The right curtain rod can make a bigger difference than you would think in the overall décor of your room. A curtain rod that is wider than the window it covers will make the window appear larger, and a thicker curtain rod can make a dramatic statement that draws more attention to your carefully chosen hardware. And these are only the first choices you have to make. Evaluate the existing color scheme in your room to help decide on color and material, but also give some thought to the function they are intended to serve. Traverse rods allow you to draw back your curtains all the way to the edges of your window, and allow the curtain rod to be visible even when the drapes are drawn. Decorative and concealed rods can both be purchased in fixed or adjustable length. Cafe style rods are better for hand drawn curtains.

Once you’ve made these basic decisions, you can begin to consider accessories such as tassels, finials, and caps. These and other curtain hardware in Manhattan, NY can be purchased online for added savings. Visit the website for more information.

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