How to Choose Commercial Roofing Contractors

Commercial and residential buildings have some things in common but, in many ways, their needs are extremely different. This is no less true of roofing than it is of air conditioning systems or security. That’s why it’s important to find a contractor who knows the ins and outs of Commercial Roofing when installing a new roof or repairing an old one on an office building, restaurant, store, or other commercial space. Building owners can follow the tips below to help ensure that they are hiring the right contractor for the job.

Appropriate Licensing and Insurance

One thing commercial and residential roofs do have in common is that to be safe and long-lasting they must be installed by a licensed contractor. Insurance is also important as it guarantees that if anyone is hurt on the job-site the property owner will not be held liable for the victim’s medical expenses. There is no shame in asking for proof of licenses or insurance prior to signing a contract.

Dedicated Commercial Experience

Ensure any company or contractor chosen has specific experience working on commercial buildings. The metal flat roofs and other materials popular for commercial spaces are very different than residential shingle and tile roofs, and it’s important to find someone who has dedicated experience working with the materials and tools required to complete a Commercial Roofing project successfully.

Possibility of Repairs

Even the most professionally installed roof will eventually require at least minor repairs. Hail damage, wind damage, falling trees, exposure to the sun, and general wear and tear all take their tolls over time. It is much more convenient to have the number of a skilled roofing contractor on file to address these issues as they come up than it is to hire one contractor to build the roof then go back and find another to perform repairs.

Go Local

Contracting through a local company doesn’t just boost the local economy. It also means everyone from the contractors performing the work to the company owner will, as members of the same community, be more dedicated to providing excellent service.

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