How To Choose A Walk In Bathtub For A Senior

Walk in tubs in PA are becoming a positive aspect of many senior’s lives. They are installed by concerned friends or family for a number of reasons. Principal among them are independence and comfort. Having a walk in tub also makes both the family and the senior feel more secure what they want to take a bath without supervision. Yet, if you want to gift a senior with a walk in tub, what do you need to look at. How do you choose one for the senior in your life?

Walk-In Tubs – What to Consider

There are several issues you need to consider before you even look at installing a specific type of walk-in bathtub. Among these are the basics that are involved in making every serious decision concerning purchasing appliances or renovating. You need to look at:

1. Budget – How much can you afford? Make sure to have both low and high figures

2. Space – How much room is there in the existing bathroom?

3. Structure – Can the current floor support the weight of the new tub or the extra weight of the converted one?

4. Replace or convert – this will have an effect on the cost and requires a different type of process and may affect the time frame in which the new tub can become reality

5. Time Frame – How much time can the installer or converter have to do the job without heavily impacting the elderly individual’s home life?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can actually look at specifics – including the different types of walk in tubs PA installers or converters can deliver.

Walk In Tub Specifics

As soon as you have a budget set, have measured the available space, know whether you want to install or convert and are certain about a time frame, you can look at the specifics of choosing the right walk in tub for a senior. What you now need to consider are:

1. What type of door – This does not refer to the color but rather to whether it swings in or out. This makes a difference in terms of cost, accessibility and size

2. Seat – Is it the proper height for the senior involved? Can he or she sit on it comfortable?

3. Composition – What materials are walk-in tubs comprised of? You have a choice between fiberglass and acrylic. The former is lighter but the latter, while more expensive is more durable and cleaning it is easier

4. Water capacity – How much water does the tub hold? Does it fill quickly? Is the level comfortable for the senior?

5. Draining – How quickly does the tub drain? Remember, you cannot open the door if the water level is too high

6. Water Heater – Does the current water heater have the capacity to heat and fill the desired amount of water and do so effectively and efficiently?

7. Warranty – Does the walk-in come with a warranty? If so, for how long and what does it cover?

8. Accessories – Does installation offer or include such items as grab bars?

When you decide to gift your elderly relative with a walk in tub, make sure you understand what is involved. You also need to know enough about the products and what you want to ensure you pick the right one. It may not be always easy to find the right walk-in tubs. PA expert bathtub installers, however, are certain, if you choose the right make and find the right installer or converter, you are doing what is best for the senior in your life. It is a responsible thing to do to make sure they are safe whenever they want to enjoy a bath or shower on their own.

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