How to Choose a New Garage Doors Frankfort

When enhancing the outdoor beauty of the home, one improvement which offers a substantial curb appeal upgrade is replacing the Garage Doors Frankfort. Whether the choice to replace the garage doors for A Better Door & Window is based on cosmetics alone or because the garage door no longer functions properly, this is now an opportunity to take advantage of all the options available on today’s market.

Homeowners can select from Garage Doors in Frankfort which slide, fold, go up-and-over, or even roll up. On the high end of the market are swinging carriage doors. The most commonly chosen system is a sectional door which rolls up. Just as there are multiple options for the type of door, there are also multiple options for the door material.

Consumers at will be able to choose from the following:

  *       Steel: Steel Garage Doors Frankfort are generally a two-ply thickness and can be purchased insulated or not insulated. Finishes include primer followed by a durable topcoat engineered for exterior life or a composite covering. Steel doors are prone to denting. Corrosion can also be an issue in coastal regions.

  *       Wood: Popular species used are mahogany, cedar, fir, and hemlock. Engineered products are also available as plywood or MDO. Multiple layers are used to prevent warping. Wood can be painted or stained.
  *       Wood Composite: Sheets of high-density fiberboard cover a wood frame and are designed with realistic wood details. Colors of the fiberboard mimic stain or paint.

  *       Aluminum: Aluminum frame doors are an option that will not rust. They are also light weight allowing for an easier manual opening. Aluminum doors will dent more easily than steel.

  *       Fiberglass: Fiberglass doors are constructed with a steel frame. Polyurethane insulation is sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass. These doors are less likely to crack or dent. Breakage upon impact, though, is possible.

  *       Vinyl: Built in much the same manner as fiberglass doors, vinyl doors offer the distinct advantage of being “kid-friendly” or “kid-proof”. Vinyl will not break or dent easily. Although available in fewer colors, vinyl doors are as low maintenance as their vinyl siding counterparts.

With each material having its own unique advantages, homeowners can confidently choose a product that will not only add to the beauty of the home but also extend the life of the garage door system itself. Today’s market makes smart choices for the home possible. Visit the website for more information.