How to Choose a Computer Recycling Service in Alsip IL

Data breaches, scandals and environmental degradation are just some of the things that can happen when electronic waste is not managed effectively. E-waste is one of the largest waste streams on Earth, and because our phones, TVs and computers contain valuable materials, it is very tempting to extract those materials at almost any cost. Here, you’ll learn how to safely, securely and effectively recycle your old computers and equipment.

Become Acquainted with your Recycler

There are many companies that promise to recycle your computers, but the number of reliable and honest companies are very small. You should choose a Recycling Service in Alsip IL that’s certified by either e-Stewards or R2 Solutions, and preferably both. These standards ensure that your data remains private and that your e-waste will not negatively affect the environment. Such certifications come with built-in downstream accountability, which means that your equipment is in safe hands throughout the recycling process.

If It’s Too Good to be True…

Like most other things in life, you get what you pay for with a Recycling Service in Alsip IL. There is a plethora of ‘free’ recycling services available, but safe e-waste recycling isn’t free or cheap. In some cases, your equipment is valuable enough that your recycler should be buying it from you, rather than taking it for free! Using a free recycler is risky for two reasons: the temptation to economize by choosing a non-certified recycler, and the fact that they will sell your old equipment to the highest bidder. Both scenarios create the risk that your computer hard drives and other equipment will end up in the wrong hands.

Create and Implement a Plan for Computer Disposal and Recycling

Recently, the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) issued a Cybersecurity Framework, which set forth data security best practices, and calls for assets to be managed formally from removal to disposal. When creating or implementing your data security plans, don’t forget to include protocols for disposition and be sure to include language requiring the use of a certified recycler for the disposal of all IT and electronic assets.

By following the rules listed above and choosing a recycler like BLH Computers, you will be assured that your data is safe, the environment is protected, and that the next time you get called into your boss’s office, you may get a raise.


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