How To Avoid Weight Lifting Injuries

Beginning your fitness journey without knowing the essential safety precautions can put you out of the game before you see your desired results. Here are four tips to help you avoid injuries while working out.

Prepare Your Body

Take at least five minutes to warm up before shocking your muscles and joints with extreme movement. Once warm, begin stretching to release additional tension and increase your range of motion.


Not directing your full attention to your body can lead to careless mistakes. Weight lifting mats from Lee’s Summit can be used as visual aids to remind you to hold your posture and correct any imbalances as you complete your reps.

Start Off Light

Though lack of knowledge is a common culprit, many lifters suffer from bad form due to the tendency to rack on weights too early on. You should always start off light and build with small increments as your body continues to adjust to the movement.

Use Helpful Equipment

Among many other helpful aids, it is commonly suggested that lifters wear weightlifting belts to avoid hyperextending the back and to maintain an upright position while performing squats, overhead presses, and other related exercises. The fitness community has also found a great use for weight lifting mats in Lee’s Summit as a way to track footing, expose incorrect form, and prevent costly injuries.

We at Fit Map offer quality portable foot maps to help you improve your technique, steer clear of injuries, and achieve your goals at a much faster rate.

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