How To Arrange An Alternative Cremation Burial

Cremation is a very popular practice in many parts of the globe. The Hindus cremate their dead instead of burying them. It is also a popular practice in the West. Rather than burying the individual, if the person has willed that they be cremated, you will have to find a funeral parlor that also offers the alternative cremation burial. After the body has been cremated, the ashes are put in an urn and given to the family or friends of the departed. In most cases, the ashes are scattered in holy places or in rivers and lakes.

If a recently deceased member of the family or a loved one had willed that their body be cremated, it might be difficult for you to arrange the burial properly. Here are some basic things that you should know about the burial process.

Finding a Parlor

The alternative cremation burial is generally offered by only a handful of parlors. Depending on where you are, you will first have to find funeral parlors in the region that have a cremation facility. The body is usually cremated in a safe and secure chamber, and you can also buy an urn directly from the parlor. The costs of the cremation burial will be decided beforehand.

Arranging the Burial

The cremation burial usually takes around an hour or so to complete. It isn’t necessary for a member of the family to be present at the event, though it’s recommended. You can discuss any particular arrangements or preferences with the funeral director. They will make arrangements for the event and let you know the details a day or so before. Bearing the loss of a loved one is terribly difficult, so it’s best that you let an experienced funeral director help plan and manage the burial. Visit Crown Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery to know more about alternative cremation burial services. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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