How to Achieve a Water Proof Basement in Cambridge, MA

Having a Waterproof Basement in Cambridge MA is essential to protecting your home against major structural damage. One way to waterproof your basement is to start with the walls. You can use waterproofing products such as Xypex or Drylok for this purpose. Drylok is a cheaper option. During the drying process, the product will expand and essentially becoming part of the wall itself. It is, however, important to note this product not a water sealer, but rather has waterproofing qualities.

Xypex, on the other hand, costs significantly more than Drylok, but offers better quality for the price. Its properties mimic concrete, and bonds with the existing wall to become one surface. Xypex works by using moisture that is found in water to create a crystalline structure. It is this crystalline structure that affords the products’ waterproofing properties. There doesn’t need to be a leak for the Xypex to work. It can draw moisture from the air and seal to create a great waterproof result. Both Drylok and Xypex have their downsides however. Because they trap water, pressure can be added to the groundwater at the bottom of the walls or underneath the basement floor which can potentially cause structural issues.

To waterproof your basement, it is also essential to fix cracks and other defects on the concrete walls as well as places where your pipes are located in the wall. Look out for cracks that go all the way though to the other side of the wall. These can be fixed using construction-grade epoxy which is effective in penetrating all areas of the crack to remedy the water seepage problem. There are do-it-yourself kits available for this product although the job may need some considerable skill to guarantee a good result.

Lastly, installing a sump can help to achieve a Waterproof Basement in Cambridge MA. This is a pump that is installed inside a hole in the basement. The pump will automatically activate once the water levels rise above a certain point, where the water will be pumped outside, usually more than ten feet from the foundation. In any of these cases, achieving the best results requires you to hire an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable professional such as the ones you would be able to find at Drycrete Waterproofing. In any case, you should ensure that any kind of basement waterproofing job is done by a professional.


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