How the New Trend of ASMR Video Watching Relates to Rubber Stamp Repair in Honolulu

Autonomous sensory meridian response sounds like something biologists might research, yet ASMR videos are a bit hit on YouTube these days. Half-hour videos in which people gently turn magazine pages, fold sheets, and sort through books are compelling to many people for reasons the rest of the population can’t comprehend. Some of those videos feature rubber stamps, such as when a person pretends to be a librarian and stamps books that are returned. Rubber Stamp Repair in Honolulu is now not only essential for workers in offices and warehouses but for these particular videos is as well.

About ASMR

If this all sounds a bit unbelievable, consider that some of the most respected media outlets have published articles on the phenomenon. The Washington Post, CNBC, and AdWeek have all looked into this seemingly odd activity in which someone acts like an old-fashioned librarian, rubber stamp and all, whispering to an imaginary person returning the books.

What happens during ASMR? The people who report these enjoyable sensations say they feel exceedingly relaxed while watching the videos. Many say they feel tingles, or a pleasant sense of pins and needles, along their scalp. The effect is immensely soothing. It’s similar to the way many individuals feel when someone gently combs their hair.

ASMR Rubber Stamp Videos

The most popular ASMR video has been watched more than seven million times. IKEA has recently embraced the trend, releasing a 25-minute video in which a woman runs her hand over various products from the company and softly talks about them. A search for rubber stamp + ASMR on YouTube turns up nearly 3,800 videos.

Workers Who Need Rubber Stamps

Although it’s been a long time since the vast majority of libraries have marked due dates and return dates with rubber stamps, they still commonly use these devices to mark the date the book first arrived after it was ordered. They also may use the stamps to mark due dates on magazines that can be checked out to borrowers.

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