How the Airsoft Minigun Works

Want power and precision in your shots? You could easily get both when you opt for an Airsoft Minigun. Some kinds like the Echo1 M134 Minigun is winning on a number of fronts.

Here’s how it works:

Spray attack

If you want a gun that brings overkill to your Airsoft games, this is the weapon you need to be packing. Considering it can spit out 1,700 BBs before you need to go for a refill, Geek says you have about 30 seconds to spray and slay opponents in the field before you need to reload.

Heft and weight

You’ll need to prepare to carry a ton. Some types of miniguns can weigh as much as 35 pounds. So you’ll need to make sure you have the muscle and stamina to carry this in the field. You probably won’t have an speedy time moving from one spot to another so that’s a consideration you’ll need to keep in mind.


Some types of miniguns are also easy to configure so you won’t have to worry about problems on that score. With a configurable minigun on your hands, you’ll find yourself knocking those games out of the park in no time.

Style and badassery

If you want to spray bullets or pellets and look good doing it, miniguns can add the missing factor. Just make sure you take a look around. With plenty of Airsoft minigun choices that fit the big, black and bad label, it won’t be long before you find a minigun that suits your taste and sense of style on the field.

So if you’re looking for a gun to level up your shooting skills or amp up the excitement on the field, this is a solid option to consider. If you want to invest in a high-performing gun, some notable models in the minigun range should fit the bill quite nicely.

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