How Staying in Off Campus Housing in Bellingham Will Benefit Your Health

You can significantly improve your quality of life next semester by choosing to stay in student apartments near Western Washington University. You’ll still be close to the school’s grounds, but you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of living off campus. In particular, you’ll find that there are many ways in which you’ll be able to live a healthier and happier way of life.

Live With Less Stress

The most noticeable difference is that you’ll feel less anxious when you live in an off campus apartment. Staying in a dorm keeps you in the learning environment 24 hours a day, and that can cause you to feel more stress around the clock. Living off campus provides you with an escape from that environment, giving you the time to relax and unwind.

Eat Healthier Meals

Since you’ll be living in an apartment with a full kitchen, it will be easier and more convenient for you to prepare your own meals. This provides a greater opportunity to buy healthier foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also grill lean cuts of meat and poultry in the picnic area on the community’s grounds.

Get More Exercise

Another advantage of living in student apartments near Western Washington University is that you can use the community’s fitness center for free. Since it’s conveniently located right on the property, you can choose the perfect time for your workouts. You’ll also be less likely to skip workouts when you don’t have to travel far to get to the gym. You can discover more benefits of off campus living when you visit Lark Bellingham.

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