How Septic Systems in Olympia WA Work

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Construction & Maintenance

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Septic Systems Olympia WA are systems that are designed to rid homes of waste water. It’s a domestic mini-sewage system that is generally comprised of a septic tank and a leaching field. Water from the home enters the septic system from one end where it’s treated before it is released back into the environment from another end of the septic system.

Septic Systems in Olympia WA are present in nearly one out of every four homes in the United States. Some states require home owners to have their septic tanks certified to ensure that they are functioning properly. This is a safety measure to keep potentially harmful chemicals and toxins from entering the environment.

The plumbing in a home is attached to a septic system by a pipe. The drain pipes in the plumbing that lead to this septic pipe are angled to guarantee maximum drainage of all the water and its contents. A key safety feature in plumbing systems are taps, or pipes that are cured backward and downward, that are below drains to prevent gases in septic systems from escaping into the household. This main septic pipe delivers its contents to an underground septic tank made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic. In this part of the septic system, there are usually three layers. The top layer is comprised of grease and other scum that is lightweight. Water is in the middle, although it may contain harmful pathogens. The bottom portion of this has sediments that form a sludge-like mixture.

The septic tank has an outlet as a way for the water in the middle to move to a distribution box. The distribution box has one or more outlets that let the water move into the leaching field. This part of the septic system allows the water to re-enter the environment by carrying the water through pipes with holes in them. These pipes lead to trenches where the water seeps into the soil. As the water moves down through the layers of soil, the pathogens are naturally moved out of the water. This purification process cleans the water so it’s fit to merge with surface water.
Having a septic system requires maintenance along with general knowledge of how it works. An individual can call a qualified plumber for problems with a septic tank or if he needs a new septic tank installed for his home.