How Refrigerant and Desiccant Air Dryers in PA Work

Air dryers are used to remove excess moisture from compressed air systems, helping them to run more efficiently. While not all compressed air systems require dryers, they can be extremely helpful in industrial and commercial situations.

When buying commercial Air Dryers in PA, users should realize that there are different types of systems to choose from. These are known as refrigerant-type air dryers and desiccant-type air dryers. Readers can find out more about each of them below for help deciding which is right for them.

Refrigerant Dryers

Refrigerant dryers are the most popular variety of air dryers. They can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, though it’s important to note they do not offer as low a dew point as other varieties of air dryers.

They operate in a manner similar to home refrigerators or AC systems. Compressed air is cooled in a heat exchanger to around 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The moisture is then separated and drained off, while the air itself is reheated.

Once the process has been completed, the air leaves the dryer with a dewpoint of between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to get a lower dew point from these systems, since the condensates they used to produce results would freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Desiccant Dryers

With desiccant Air Dryers PA, business owners can get pressure dew point ratings of as low as -40 to an amazing -100 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because they operate according to different principles. Desiccant type dryers work by absorbing moisture, collecting it in the pores of desiccant beads, which can then be regenerated for repeated use.

This type of air dryer can have either an internal or an external heat source. Its primary advantage is that it can achieve lower dew points. However, it’s important to note that desiccant type dryers do require more maintenance and come with a higher initial installation cost.

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