How Radon Removal Services in Waukesha WI are Creating Healthier Communities

Most people have never heard of Radon, even though a surprising number of them are affected by it. However, the professionals who provide Radon Removal services in Waukesha WI are educating residents and improving residents’ health by providing services that include:

  • EDUCATION: Experts, such as the professionals at Radon Measurement and Elimination Services, can educate local residents about what Radon is, and how it affects them. These professionals will explain that Radon is a natural gas with radioactive particles. They will also advise that the gas can seep into homes through the slab or crawl spaces. Although pressurized earth under a home also pushes methane and fertilizers into a home, Radon is the most dangerous. It has been associated with lung damage in many people. The EPA has issued a Radon health warning, reporting that 24,000 non-smoking Americans die from lung cancer each year.
  • TESTING: Technically anyone can buy a kit to measure the amount of Radon in their building. These tests come with instructions, and the results need to be sent back to a specified lab, for testing. However, since weather and other factors can affect Radon measurements, these tests actually only measure levels at one, limited point of time. That is why it is much wiser to use the services of professionals who specialize in Radon Removal services in Waukesha WI. They use advanced methods to accurately measure levels of the gas, and determine whether or not there is a problem.
  • RADON MITIGATION: Radon professionals can offer mitigation, or lessening of the problem. The procedures they use, also known as abatement, are designed to vent Radon gas away from the home. During the process of Radon Abatement Milwaukee WI experts will typically install a piping and vent system, including a fan. The fan will be located in an area of the home where no one lives, such as the garage, or attic. The gas can also be vented outdoors.

Radon is a natural gas that can seep into homes and potentially become a health hazard. Homeowners can call professionals to test their home for Radon levels, and then install a system to vent it safely away.

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