How Protection Orders Affect Child Custody In Bisbee

Child custody in Bisbee encompasses the manner in which you and your former spouse will raise your child. In legal proceedings, the type of custody awarded dictates who is granted the ability to make decisions in regard to raising your child. It also determine with which parent the child lives with most often and how visitation is conducted. The judge renders a decision in terms of child support when these matters are finalized.

Protection Orders and Sole Custody

Cases where a protection order is necessary present the possibility of sole custody. These orders are assigned when a spouse poses a significant threat to you or your children. The outlined stipulations of the order are covered under law and must be upheld throughout the duration of the order. Violations result in an arrest. This violations provide you with leverage in a divorce case. In fact, they may become your ace in the hole within these proceedings.

Local Custody Attorney

The Law Offices of Joseph Mendoza represents parents in child custody cases. He assists those who have secured protection orders in their divorce cases by acquiring sole custody. This attorney presents the judge with any violations of this order that were conducted by your former spouse. He affords you with the opportunity to speak to the judge about the risks imposed if he or she is awarded custody. This attorney helps you to fight for a necessary level of protection that keeps you and your children safe at all times. If you require a child custody attorney, contact this law firm locally or Visit the website.

The terms of Child custody in Bisbee are dictated by the best interests of your child. In matters where a protection order was obtained, the judge may award sole custody when it is protects the child. A protection order outlines circumstances in which your former spouse may pose a significant threat to the well-being of you and your children. This court order prohibits your former spouse from participating in potentially harmful activities. Violations of this court order can and will lead to his or her arrest.

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