How PET Scans Offer California Residents Early Diagnosis for Heart Disease

Physicians are able to use PET scans to detect heart disease in patients. They may be able to use mobile cardiac PET in order to detect heart disease long before the patient shows symptoms. When it comes to heart disease and other major diseases, early detection is key in getting the best outcome.

One of the reasons why patients prefer mobile cardiac PET and other forms of PET imaging is because the tests are much less invasive than exploratory surgeries and biopsies. Many worry that they will get an infection with these options. PET scans offer early detection of disease, accuracy in showing how far a disease has progressed, and more without the worry of getting an infection or recovering from incisions.

PET scans offer a variety of benefits when diagnosing and treating other systems in the body. For example, PET scans are the most precise medical tools that doctors can use when it comes to differentiating between noncancerous and cancerous tumors. They also diagnose the early stages of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurological illnesses.

Some patients have been told that having a CT scan would be beneficial in diagnosing a disease or seeing how far a disease has spread. However, they may be concerned about high levels of radiation. PET scans are a safer option because the patient will be exposed to a lower level of radiation.

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