How People With Financial Needs Can Get Government Phones in Nevada

Cellphone service costs a bundle these days, and going without one is not really an option. Fortunately, there are programs to help people in need with their cell service. One of them is called Lifeline Assistance. If you are struggling with meeting your financial obligations, consider looking into free and discounted government phones in Nevada. Help with your cellphone bill could go a long way in getting you financially stable.

The Basics of the Program

The Lifeline Assistance program was created to put and/or keep cellphones in the hands of those with financial difficulties. The federal government enacted the program because it understands how important uninterrupted connection is in peoples’ lives. Also, lack of cell service can lead to public health emergencies, and many people could lose their lives without their phones.

How to Qualify

In order to benefit from the Lifeline Assistance program, you must prove that you make a low wage or salary. This can be accomplished in many ways, but the easiest is to already be on one of a number of government aid programs that require you to have low income and resources. Some of these programs include but are not limited to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is the most current name for food stamps, Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, and Section 8, which is housing assistance from the Federal government.

If you’re not on any of these programs, you can prove your income using past tax forms.

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