How Patients Can Prepare For First Visits With Dentists Silverdale WA

An appointment with a new dentist can sometimes be a little nerve wracking. There’s paperwork to address, questions to answer, and usually a few questions that the patient wants to ask. When people think about getting ready for those first visits with dentists Silverdale WA, it pays to spend a little time preparing. Doing so will make it easier to get all the preliminaries done quickly and move on to that first checkup.

Identification and Proof of Insurance

Like all medical professionals, dentists Silverdale WA require verifiable information in order to create patient files. This means that a new patient will need to provide some sort of proof of identification. A driver’s license will work, but a state-issued picture ID will also do the trick.

Professionals like Paul L. Kadzik DDS & Associates will also want to verify the patient’s current residence. That information is found on the driver’s license and even on the identification cards issued by the state of Washington.

Proof of insurance is also important to take along. A copy of the insurance card will go in the patient file. This makes it easy for the office staff to file claims on the behalf of patients, and also know how much to collect in terms of co-pays during the actual office visits.

Medical History

Many people do think in terms of providing information about their dental histories, but forget that dentists also need to know about their other health issues. This means that taking the time to provide details about any current or past health woes is very important. For example, a patient with type 2 diabetes would certainly want to inform the dentist about the condition, and what steps are taken to control blood glucose levels. In like manner, a patient who is being treated for any type of anxiety disorder will want the dentist to be aware of any sedatives that are currently taken to manage that condition.

New patients should take along a list of any questions they want to ask their new dentist. This is important, since most people can think of all sorts of questions before they arrive at the office, but promptly forget them during the visit. By having a list prepared, it will be easy to quickly look over the questions, cross out the ones that the dentists has already answered during the conversation, and then proceed to ask any that remain. Visit website for more details about best dentists in Silverdale, WA.

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