How not to Become a Human Light Bulb by Hiring the Professional Charlotte Electrical Repair Company

Electric shock is a serious matter. If wondering how to prevent a life-threatening electric jolt coursing through your body, call in a professional Charlotte electrical repair company. Below are a few definite no-nos that should be avoided at all times in the event your power goes out.

Touch Service Lugs in the Breaker Box

First, if you do not know or understand service lugs, you should not be doing anything in the service panel (breaker box) apart from resetting any tripped breakers. Service lugs are big posts or screw terminals that help secure the service cables. They are always energized, even when you turn off your main breakers. It is advisable that you keep your distance from the larger sized cables that are connected to lugs.

Do any Weatherhead Work

The weather head (periscope or service mast) is a metal structure that is used to connect electrical service lines coming from utility power poles to your home. Due to their connection to your house, you might be tempted to tighten a bolt or upright it if it is leaning. No matter the situation, it is important that you do not touch it and call in the professionals from Gowdy Electric or 200 amps will course through your body.

Carryout Wiring with Power on

As an ardent builders’ magazines reader, you might have noticed photos of someone working in a dangerous situation without protective gear, along with a caption that states that you should never try that. Although electrical technicians work in such environments with energized wires, this does not mean that it is safe to do the same. For the electricians, it is not safe and neither is it for you.

Repair Your Own Appliances

Just because the appliances are disconnected from the mains supply does not mean they are safe to work with. Some appliances like air conditioning units have capacitors that store up electricity for boosting start-up as well as other functions. By cutting or turning off power to such an appliance, you do not discharge the electricity stored. When a metal object touches the contacts, the current will be lead from the capacitor and into your body.

In order to stay safe, it is crucial that you do not tinker with hybrid or electric cars, their electrical systems are complicated and extremely dangerous. Should you notice any power malfunction it is crucial that you call in a professional Charlotte electrical repair company.

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