How Non-Intrusive Materials Can Work For Commercial Roofing Services in Canton MI

When it comes to constructing a commercial building owners, designers and contractors have to consider the kind of roof that’ll be chosen. Although often overlooked, a commercial roofing system can mean the difference between having a building that withstands mother nature and one that breaks down because of it. The following are some of the roofing systems that can be offered by a commercial roofing service in Carton, MI.

Fully Adhered Systems

Some traditional roofing systems have a tendency to be susceptible to certain avoidable problems. This is one of the reasons why more commercial owners opt to have adhered roofing systems installed. Instead of nails or screws, these adhered systems are secured with a very strong adhesive that attaches to the insulation placed below.

Owners often choose adhered roofing systems to avoid things like leaks. Traditional rooftops often suffer from water leaks that need to be repaired as soon as possible. However, with an adhered system, there’s no need to create holes or penetrate the underlayment. Adhered roofing systems are also used for those roofing materials that are simply too difficult to nail, such as steel or concrete.

Liquid Roofing Systems

This is another instance in which a business owner is looking to avoid unnecessary roofing problems. A liquid roofing system is essentially what the name implies: It is a liquid that is applied to a building to act as a roof or means of protection. Again, this is another type of roofing system designed to avoid penetrating a building and creating holes that could become problematic in the future.

A commercial roofing service in Canton, MI may be able to help an owner find the right kind of coating for their building. Each kind of coating has its benefits. For instance, there are certain types of coating that work to reflect heat, whereby keeping a building cooler and helping to save energy.

Talk to a representative from New Roof Inc. to learn more about the different ways an owner can protect their building. Again, installing the right kind of roofing system the first time can help to avoid a lot of problems. Both adhered and liquid roofing systems have the ability to set securely on a roof without the use of nails or other intrusive metal objects.

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