How Newsworthy Is Your Maryland Wedding?

For every would-be bride and her groom; the biggest news around is their upcoming wedding day; but, most of them do not expect their event to make the front page of the national newspapers or the cover of prestigious news magazines. It would, therefore, follow that; when meeting with their wedding planners; very few would be wracking their brains to find the right people to contact to arrange some Wedding Photojournalism For Maryland.

What Is Photojournalism?

The root of journalism is the written word as found in print in newspapers and magazines. When a journalist writes his piece; it might be published “as is” (only the words); or, it could be decided to illustrate those words with a few pictures or diagrams. Photojournalism, on the other hand, is all about the photographs. A photojournalist tells his entire “story” with his photographs and words would only be used to title, explain or link the series of photographs that are the centrepiece of the article.

Maybe It Does Make Sense

Given that, in photojournalism, the words are subordinate to the pictures; a wedding (any wedding) has to be a perfect opportunity for some Wedding Photojournalism In Maryland. The storyline and the set piece scenes are very familiar to us all and the only written enlightenment that would be needed is the bare details – the name of the couple, the date and the venue. What does still remain is the question of who would want to read, let alone publish, this masterpiece of Wedding Photojournalism In Maryland? The usual answer to that would be – only the people directly involved; i.e. the couple; their families and their friends.

Celebrity Status

Obviously any high profile celebrity that is involved with a wedding; not necessarily as the bride or groom; but, possibly, simply by being a guest; can make that wedding newsworthy enough for outsiders to want to read about it in papers or magazines. Local, lower profile celebrities might be popular enough to warrant a piece in their local, hometown paper. So, how many celebrities are invited to your wedding?

It Doesn’t Have To Be Published

Assuming that you are going to treasure your wedding album for the rest of your life and hope that your future descendents will, one day, enjoy leafing through it; that album needs to be well photographed, well put together and tell the “story” of your wedding in the best way possible. The techniques used in Wedding Photojournalism For Maryland will give you just that.

Are you seeking good Wedding Photojournalism For Maryland?

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