How New Drive in Racks Could Change the Way That You Do Business

When you need an efficient storage solution that allows vehicles to drive in or drive through, there are industrial-strength racks for that. This type of rack could enhance your productivity while also maximizing your cubic footage of storage space. Consider these top advantages of racks that allow you to drive through them to access the products you need to get to.

Better Inventory Control

It is important to manage your inventory properly. Drive-in racks make it easier for you to control just what’s in your inventory. If your inventory includes items that could expire or become out-of-date, you need a first-in, first-out system. You can get this with drive through pallet racks. If you would prefer a last-in, first-out type of inventory control for enhanced productivity, you can get this with drive in solutions.

Easy Access

Being able to pick items from a vehicle can make things easy, especially for a delivery driver who knows which items are needed. This means getting the items, loading and driving out of the warehouse. This type of simple setup could save a lot of time for busy drivers of lifts. Loading these racks is also fast and easy. There will be a lot of time saved on both sides of the distribution and inventory process.

Withstand Impacts

The racks made for driving in are extra-strong. They can handle an impact from the vehicle. They can also handle impacts from pallets. Whether the impact is from above, below or to the side, these shelves remain safe and sturdy. They are also easy to adjust. This allows for accommodation to different makes and models of lifts that would be driving in and accessing the racks.

To learn more about drive-in racks, contact the Frazier Industrial Company.

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