How Neck and Back Injuries Happen

Few things will ruin your day and make you change plans like neck and back pain. There are many things that can cause an injury to the back or neck and they can range from minor muscle strains to severe damage to the spinal cord itself. Here are some of the most common causes of injury we see here at Back in Balance Clinic:

Work Related Injuries– construction workers, carpenters, landscapers, product stockers, and delivery personnel are the most obvious types of jobs that can lead to injuries of the neck and back, but doctors, teachers, warehouse workers, and office workers can also suffer from a range of neck and back issues too.

Sports Injuries– tough and tumble impact sports like hockey, football, and soccer are known for injuries, and the head, neck, and back are common areas to be injured while playing these sports. You can also have injuries to your spine from playing tennis, bowling, basketball, and wrestling among others!

Poor Posture Injuries– even if you are just sitting at a desk or behind the wheel all day, you can still have back and neck problems that you will have to deal with and much of this is caused by poor posture while sitting and not taking necessary breaks for stretching and moving to avoid muscle and nerve injuries.

Illness and Disease Injuries- despite all your best efforts to be safe, you cannot always help getting sick. Many illnesses and diseases can impact your back and neck or the central nervous system – degenerative illnesses, misshapen vertebrae, hormone imbalances, and others for example.

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