How Much Should I Save Each Year for Lakeside, CA, Auto Repairs?

Every car you buy is going to need repairs. It is essential to plan for routine maintenance, of course. But it is also vital that you plan for any emergencies that may arise. What is the average cost of auto repair in Lakeside, CA? What can you expect to spend per year on maintenance and repair? Let’s dive right into the answers.

Average Cost of Auto Repair

Your average cost is going to depend on your vehicle. Some car manufacturers are very reliable. Their cars may not need as much routine maintenance. Additionally, if your car is your “baby” and you take pride in the routine care of your vehicle, you may need additional funding to meet those needs.

Yearly Maintenance Costs

The average person should expect to spend up to $2000 per year on auto repair in Lakeside, CA. Though no two people, cars, or auto body shops are the same, $2000 is a pretty reasonable estimate. You may not spend it, of course. If you don’t spend it one year, roll it back over into the fund for next year.


Unexpected repairs and collisions can eat into your savings quickly. Saving for especially for emergency auto repairs is a vital part of keeping your vehicle in good working order. It also helps you avoid the stress of being without a car or racking up credit card bills.

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