How Molalla Residents Are Using Botox to Improve Their Appearance

If you are starting to notice facial wrinkles, you may also notice how these affect your self-esteem. There is a link between how you look and feel. This causes many to turn to Botox in Molalla with the goal of improving their appearance and boosting their self-confidence.

Men and women can benefit from Botox injections. The simple procedure involves numbing the skin and then gently injecting the product into facial muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles. The treatment does not begin to take effect immediately. Most people will notice a difference about four or five days after they receive their Botox injections.

You can expect Botox in Molalla to last at least three months. If you like the way you looked and felt after having the injections the first time, you can visit the clinic again and have more Botox injections. Some decide to use Botox to prevent dynamic wrinkles. Others use Botox on a regular basis because they see how using it regularly keeps their skin looking young.

Before you can receive Botox injections, you need to go through an initial consultation with a medical professional. The medical professional will make sure that you are a good candidate for Botox. There are only a few things that would cause you to be disqualified. For example, if you are dealing with medical issues that affect your nerves or facial muscles, Botox may not be right for you. However, most healthy adults are able to reduce their dynamic wrinkles or eliminate them with this safe product.

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