How LED Technology is Changing the World of Outdoor Lighting

LED lighting has received a lot of attention over the last decade. It has been touted as the new standard in lighting for both home and commercial use, as it dramatically reduces energy usage and therefore costs – all while offering a wide range of styles to suit any décor or need. But there is a common and lingering misconception that LED lighting simply isn’t bright enough to provide for the needs of large, open areas or outdoor spaces. Here are just a few ways that LED floodlight retrofits are proving this untrue – and how you can retrofit your outdoor lighting with LEDs, too!

No Wasted Lumens

One of the biggest arguments people often have against employing LED lighting for outdoor or large space applications is that they do not put out as many lumens – the modern standard of measuring light produced by bulbs – as fluorescent bulbs. However, this comparison is inherently inaccurate. This is because the LED light is directed wherever it is pointed, traveling in a relatively straight line and focusing wherever it is aimed. This means that you get more pure light on what you need to focus on, and fewer wasted lumens, a common problem with fluorescent lights. You get more of what you’re paying for, so less is more!

Limitless Possibilities

With so many options available in modern LED lighting, you can outfit your entire property with these efficient bulbs. Need pole lighting for your parking lot? You’ve got it. What about floodlights for your grounds or a large stadium space? That’s doable, too. Whatever you need to illuminate, you can do it with LED lights.

Interested in replacing your outdoor lighting with an LED floodlight retrofit kit? Contact your nearest retailer of LED lighting solutions for more information and to see just how many options you have. You’re going to love the new look of your space – and those trimmed-down energy bills.

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