How Laser Cut Wedding Cards Help You Make a Statement

Most couples want each decorative aspect of their wedding to stand out. Naturally, the choice of the dress, the cake and even the laser cut wedding cards speak to this goal. While most people know the role that the dress and the cake will play, many do not understand why choosing laser cut wedding cards can make a difference. If you’re among them and are wondering if this printing technique can make your wedding invitations stand out, then read on.

Add Dramatic Flair

Exclusive wedding invitations have a certain
je ne sais quoi

that makes them stand out when compared to other types of invitations. It might be the dramatic midnight blue color of the card or the foil-lined envelopes. A laser cut design on the front, that looks like a delicate piece of lace or which replicates a known symbol, like the fleur de lis, is another option. What’s ideal about this solution is that it’s dramatic without being over-the-top.

Add Dashes of Texture and Color

Texture in design makes it more interesting to look at, and certainly, laser cutting does add dashes of texture to a design, both visually and literally. However, the best laser cutting designs bring together both texture and color in unexpected ways.

Here’s how. Usually, the couple will choose a background color for their laser cut invitations, maybe a Chinese red or Prussian blue. They’ll then add a laser cut pattern over the top of the color. The laser cut design adds a subtle pattern over the top of the solid color, allowing the color to peek out through the lace, without overpowering the card.

If you’d like to see how

laser cut wedding cards could add a dramatic flair to your exclusive wedding invitations, reach out to us to get more ideas.

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