How Homeowners Prepare for Gutter Installation in Eugene, Oregon

How Homeowners Prepare for Gutter Installation in Eugene, Oregon

Protecting one’s home from rainwater run-off requires working gutters. When the gutters don’t work properly, this can cause water to pool around the home’s foundation and also cause roof damage. Homeowners planning for gutter installation in Eugene should follow these tips to prepare their homes for installation.

Repaint the House

Homeowners who’ve been thinking of repainting their homes should do so before installing new gutters. Sometimes, installing gutters can cause old paint to chip. This isn’t the case with a new paint job. That’s why most gutter installers suggest that homeowners get that new paint job they’ve been contemplating before calling for installation services.

Check for Roof Damage

As mentioned previously, gutters that fail to do their job can cause roof damage. One type of damage is mold growth. When roofing material breaks down and water gets underneath the barriers, mold has an easier time forming. Never install new gutters without taking care of roof damage first.

Trim Bushes and Remove Obstacles

Before the installers arrive, homeowners should remove any obstacles that will make it harder for the installers to do their jobs. This might mean trimming bushes and other landscaping to make it easier for them to maneuver ladders and other equipment.

Keep Pets and Children Inside the House

On the installation day, it’s important to keep pets and children inside. Installers will be tossing metal components into the yard. There are too many hazards that could harm little ones and pets.

Homeowners who follow these simple tips will find that gutter installation in Eugene goes well.

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