How Having Your Puppy Groomed in Fairfax Station VA or Taking Him For a Walk Can Improve Your Own Health

After studying so many puppies and weighing the pros and cons of breeds and sizes, you’ve finally made a decision. Congratulations. You now have a pet and companion to keep you company all of its days. But, what many pet owners don’t realize is that there is any number of reasons to own a dog other than companionship.

Your Health Benefits

Yes, dog owners don’t just captivate your heart, the make it a stronger organ as well. According to experts and studies, owning a dog is linked to lower blood pressure numbers, better cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Combined, this improves a person’s complete cardiovascular health, leading to fewer heart attacks. It’s also worth noting that even if a dog owner does have a heart attack, the survival rates are better in dog owners.

Keeping Fit

Doctors, on average, suggest adults get approximately 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week. However, studies have shown dog owners are far more likely to hit or exceed this goal. When it comes to walking their dog, you can thank him for help keeping you more active, even up into senior ages. A recent study has shown senior citizens who walk their dogs had a lower BMI (body mass index), fewer restrictions on daily activities, and fewer appointments with the doctor.

Social Life Expands

As you age, making friends becomes more difficult. However, studies show that 40% of dog owners report they make friends more easily with their pets. Perhaps it’s because they meet others while walking the dog or taking it for Puppy Grooming in Fairfax Station VA. The people you meet while taking care of a dog understand your issues and share the same love of pets.

Owning a pet gives a person, old or young, a sense of purpose, a reason to carry own. Taking care of the pup’s needs such as taking it for puppy grooming in Fairfax Station VA or scheduling its shots serves as a reminder to take care of your own health. While certainly not for everyone, owning a pet can improve your own health and that of your loved ones. For more information, contact Crosspointe Animal Hospital. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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