How Hardscape Designs in Old Bridge NJ Fit Into Landscape Plans

Many Morristown, New Jersey homeowners who hire landscapers are surprised to hear these professionals talk about “Hardscaping.” Although not often heard in general conversation, it is a very common term in the landscape industry. For example, experts representing local businesses Antuofermo Design and Build Group might use it to describe patios or retaining walls that are being added to properties. Hardscape Designs in Old Bridge NJ are part of landscaping plans and typically used for purposes like increasing outdoor living space and preventing erosion.

The Role of Hardscaping in Landscape Design
Although Hardscape Designs in Old Bridge NJ can be part of stand-alone projects, they are typically included in overall landscaping projects. The term “landscaping” generally refers to living things such as sod, ground covering, and plants. “Hardscaping” is often used to describe elements made from natural, but not living materials. It includes elements like stonework, bricks, pavers and water features. Landscaping and Hardscaping are usually designed to work together.

Hardscaping Is Usually Functional
Items that are considered Hardscaping may be beautiful, but they also serve a purpose. For example, features may be included in overall landscaping in order to reduce the amount of water that is needed for upkeep. Instead of creating wide expanses of lawn and flowers, landscape experts might add walkways, patios, and even gazebos. Features like stone retaining wall often serve as elegant accents that also help prevent erosion. Hardscaping is often added to control flooding and create better drainage.

Designers Use Hardscaping to Add Living Space
Landscape architects often integrate Hardscaping into designs when they want to increase usable outdoor space. Their designs can include patios, outdoor kitchens, and barbecue or fire pits. They might add decks, arbors our screened in areas. Professionals often create gardens that combine benches, pavers, and flowers. They essentially become areas to sit and read or just enjoy nature. Water features gracefully surrounded by growing things may be added to provide areas to meditate and de-stress. Landscape professionals often include Hardscaping projects in designs. That means they are adding natural but non-living things like walkways, patios and stone gardens. Hardscaping is both functional and beautiful.

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