How Foam Insulation Wichita KS Installation Keeps You Comfortable

Heating and cooling your home is part of keeping you and your family comfortable. Ensuring that your system is efficient means maintaining your HVAC system. It also means taking steps beyond that. Foam insulation Wichita KS is a good solution for maintaining comfort levels in your home. The following will cover the benefits of foam insulation. Visit for more details!

Gets Into the Cracks
Conventional insulation is good, but foam insulation gets into the cracks and crevices providing your with highly efficient insulating properties. It also helps to protect your home from wildlife invasions like rodents and birds that can make nests, reproduce, cause disease, and damage your home. Conventional insulation may cover the cracks and crevices, but it does not fill them leaving them open to compromise. Spray-in foam insulation fills the areas that may be compromised by wildlife.

Higher R-Value Rating
R-value measures the thermal resistance of a material. The higher the R-value, the more efficient and effective the insulation. The standard ranges between R30 to R60. Colder climates require higher R-value insulation. It commonly takes more conventional fiberglass insulation to match the efficiency of spray foam insulation. Foam insulation Wichita KS should provide you with between R49 and R60 for maximum efficiency and comfort levels all year long.

Energy Savings
The right insulation will help you conserve energy as well as save on your home energy costs. What happens when you choose foam insulation is that since it gets into the cracks and crevices and has a high R-value rating, it keeps your AC and heating system from running all the time. When your heating and air conditioning system operates efficiently and does not have to run constantly, you save energy and money. That is comfortable for your wallet.

Noise Reduction
Not only does Foam insulation Wichita KS installation provide you with an energy efficient option, it also reduces the noise levels in your home. If you live in a noisy area, it is wise to sound proof your home so you can enjoy peace and quiet when you want it. Foam insulation is a very good sound proofing solution.

Now that you know how foam insulation benefits your comfort levels, you can choose a good contractor to install it for you. NorthStar Comfort Services, Inc. is a local contractor dedicated to providing you with the right insulation for your needs. They deal in residential and commercial insulation as well as vehicle glass tinting.